Eagle Eye Towards Equality

A Tour to Social gender

We all have different opinions, so does our five fingers. As we all have different shape of fingers, but in unity, it helps to do the enormous task day to day life. Just like that, I believe our thoughts, opinions, decision-making, emotions and arguments are different human to human. Still, it always helps to mould something value in this society just like making vessel out of mud clay.

We have three genders in this society. Female, Transgender and Male, so the question appear in every stage of life or every situation or every incident that does equality matters? Yes, it is matter because every decade the equality has its own emotion and most of the time frame either it has the most profound sadness or most deep-rooted anger. The Deepest sorrow in inequality results in mortality, as well.On the other hand, these type of rejections and discrimination, giving a chance to building brave and bold generations.

This blog web-page will be the platform to talk & address about all those bright and energetic social activities, human characteristics, and innovation initiatives to show the world there is always hope in every hard situation.In this story sharing, I and you together going to remove the most profound sadness and it causes, by raising our voice against any society odds and norms that were, is and will create by dominant human race not to prevent equality in this World. Our only aim to spread the love to ensure all the living being has spaced to live their lives in their way.

Rights to live & Rights to love = I am Human!

I am a Male- I am not ashamed to say I am a Feminist

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